Inspiring Bots for Tots 2023

Bots for Tots, an annual event held at the Eden Prairie mall, it took place on December 17 this past Sunday. The purpose of the event was to do two things: Raise money and toys for underserved kids in Eden Prairie, as well as connect with kids throughout the twin cities area about FIRST and robotics, and we got to do both!

At the event itself, we used our kid-friendly robot Orion to connect with families in the mall. Lots of adults and kids had fun with our robot while playing a simple game of catch, and got informed of everything we get to do here in FRC and at FIRST. We got many kids interested and inspired by our robot to join robotics and even met new people on other teams throughout the area (Shout out to those three kids from New Zealand on the 2531 RoboHawks- it was so awesome to meet you!).

We also got lots of donations from people throughout the day and collected lots of gifts like books, toys, and STEM kits, as well as money to give to purchase more toys. A special thanks to everybody who donated, both on our team and off. Everyone who took part in our event was so generous and caring and helped create a fun Christmas for so many kids in need.

The team standing with our toys!

Happy Holidays from team 2502 Talon Robotics!

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