Girl Scouts Demo

Written By: Audrey T

Saturday (5/11)

When a local Girl Scout troop reached out to us asking for support in earning some robotics-based badges we knew this was something we wanted to do. Our Outreach subteam worked hard in order to ensure we had the best event possible. Over the course of a few weeks, we planned out all the details of the event with the main ones being our robot demo and a Lego robots activity. Overall the planning process of this event went smoothly and we can hopefully use the framework built to support similar projects and events in the future. 

A group photo of the girls scouts and the Talon volunteers.
Everyone who participated had a ton of fun during this event! Thank you volunteers and girl scouts for making this happen!

The event started smoothly with a few amazing volunteers from our team arriving early to set up. After they had finished getting the materials needed for the demo, button making, and the Lego activity. Around 11:00 the Girl Scouts started to show up and they were eager to get started with the day’s events. At the start of our event, a few people gave a quick tour of our space to the scouts while we put the finishing touches on the button maker setup. Once everything was ready the girls got to make buttons with their names on them, allowing them to make a fun craft and have everyone get to know each other. After the button making we were set to have the demo. However, some technical difficulties required a little more time to get the robot ready. In that space, a few girls from our team shared their experiences with robots, one with a focus on build and another with more experience in business. We also showed the game video from the year of the robot we demoed, our 2013 robot named Disco. Disco shot discs for the Girl Scouts to catch and toward the end of the demo we had a few volunteers compete to see who could catch the most. After our demo we started on the Lego activity which consisted of splitting the girls into teams and having them work together to build robots of their own. To end off the day we had the girls show off their robots to the group and two incredible people from our team gave a presentation on robotics and robotics competitions and wrapped up any final questions.

Two girl scouts feeding a disc into our older robot, Disco.
During the event, we had one of our robots, Disco, come out to play! The girls had a ton of fun catching discs and feeding them back into our robot.

Overall this event was a great opportunity for our team to work with our community and continue to foster an interest in STEM. Thank you to everyone who worked on this event and a big thanks to the Girl Scouts for providing us with the opportunity and being incredible at this event!

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