Talon Robotics has many demonstrations throughout the year. These demos have different types, varying from corporate demos for sponsors to community outreach demos. With corporate demos, we show the companies our robot and talk to them about our robot. For our community outreach, we go throughout our community and demo our robots, showing our community what we do.

Corporate Demos

We go to businesses that give a large amount of money and show them our robot. As we show them our robot we talk to them about how we designed and build our robot as well as giving a presentation that talks about our team and thanks for sponsoring our team.

Community Outreach Demos

For our community outreach demos, we go throughout our community and show of our robot to the public. We do this to get people interested in STEM and FIRST programs. Usually we bring this season’s robot, and sometimes we bring our 2013 robot, which can shoot frisbees. Many people like to catch them, especially children, and this helps to spark an interest in STEM.

Some of our demos include

  • 4th of July – which we go to our local park and demo our robot on the 4th of July
  • State Fair – We go to the state fair and demo our robot with other teams and they drive our robot in the parade
  • Bots for Tots – We went to our local mall and demo our robot with FTC and collect gifts to donate for the bots for tots program