End-of-Year Talon Picnic 

Tuesday (5/28)

Today we held our first team builder of the off-season. Due to the fact that school is ending this month, we thought it would be fitting to hold a picnic team builder. This is a way to introduce new people to the team, provide an opportunity for existing members to hang out, and, most importantly, eat some good food. However, we couldn’t have a team builder without a little chaos. The weather was quite a challenge, as it was raining quite heavily. So, we quickly changed our plans and moved the picnic inside to our room at EPHS. Despite the challenge, it was a huge success with both old and new team members forming connections and having fun! 

Talon teammates playing touch football at the Eden Prairie High School.
We had a ton of fun playing touch football in the parking lot!

This was the first of hopefully many monthly team builders! It’s a goal of our new head mentor, the wonderful Ellie, to have monthly team-building events in order to improve team inclusivity. With the success of this one in the books it’s safe to say there will be many more in the future!

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