Trials & Tribulations of EMCC 2023

Written by Nathan R

Event Summary

Being yet another offseason event for the team, everyone at Talon was super excited to see last year’s robot compete against our other high school friends. This event was somewhat different than other tournaments as it saw the team enter a “skirmish tournament”. This means the team would enter scored matches without needing to follow a qualification schedule. EMCC is extremely nice for new team members as they can try new drive team positions without having any experience.

Two students pushing the cart at the tournament.

The Connection Strikes Back

The entire day was super fun for the team as our robot had no issues the entire morning. Our robot, Andromeda, was operating at a slower speed than our usual amount for our newer members. Yet, the team was able to score and practice with new members flawlessly. The fun turned upside down into a frown during the second half of the day as the robot started having back-to-back FMS (Feild Management System) connection issues.

One student feeding the robot a cone during the game at the human player station

After 2 O’clock our team was having trouble diagnosing and fixing the problem. It got so bad that even after swapping parts and code, the connection would never improve as the RoboRio would continue to have constant packet loss. After two hours of trying to the fix issue, the team decided to call the event earlier and pack up. After the long bus ride back to EPHS the drive team spent time trying to fix the issue. After some time they eventually fixed our wonderful packet loss problem and only figured out that the issue was occurring from the event rather than our robot. Overall a great day with an annoying problem!

our whole drive team at the second station

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