10,000 Lakes Regional: Practice Day

Event Summary 

Located in the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota. Talon traveled to share our newly designed robot with the rest of the FRC community. This Post is part of a series of three posts dedicated to our success at 10K. Enjoy!

Four team members posing for a picture in our setup pits

With the 10,000 Lakes Regional Starting on Thursday, everyone at Talon was ready to see our newly improved robot in action.

Practice Matches

During the dinner hour, our load-in crew was busy setting up our pits for Thursday’s practice matches. When opening ceremonies ended Talon was already in the queue for our first practice match. 

Practice Match 1

Andromeda played quite well when the match started our auto-scored one cube on a high shelf. After that, during Tele-op Adhi and Rahul started to shine, and we got four cones and two cubes on the upper shelf. The Red Alliance ended with a two-balanced dock, however, we lost our first practice match. When Andromeda arrived back in the pits. We were happy to see no major damage to our robot. 

Our drive team that is composed of five members. they are all waiting for the match to begin

Practice Match 2

The second practice match was extremely similar to our first, our auto-scored one cube only managed to miss picking up one cube outside of the community. The Drive team was able to do slightly better in this match. With a whopping seven elements scored Andromeda ended the game with a dock. Talon lost again but we had no robot problems that required fixing.

Two drive team members moving the robot off of the field

Practice Match 3

The third and fourth practice matches were big wins for Talon. Both of which saw our auto-working flawlessly. Each one allowed our driving team to score six high-goal elements. When the endgame appeared Talon was ready to dock. We played great in all our practice matches so we decided to play as a filler for extra practice matches. 

Women In Engineering Panel

The end of the day saw the team prove itself for the better. Everyone arrived at the high school and departed ways. Talon was ready for qualification matches. Thursday not only saw the team participating in practice matches but also hosting its women in engineering panel. At this panel, we had 33 individuals that came to learn about “How to choose your education and use your college experiences in the work field” We had three-panel members who had amazing stories and tips to share.

A room filled with people, in the front of the room are the three panelists, and our two team members.

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