2023 Build Season Days 45-51 (3/13-19/2023)

We Did It!

This past week Talon finished building our robot. This weekly summary tells the story of us finishing it along with the team practicing.


A student working on the robot's wires. all of which are a big mess and scrambled in no particular order.
  • With most parts made in the previous week, this week’s goal was to have a fully completed robot before the week was over. Monday saw the team having its marketing and media meetings. Both of which worked on their usual tasks. In the open room, the assembly of the robot was the main objective. Team members attached the swerve modules and started work on the electronics. Monday was full of excitement as we could see the robot slowly coming together. 


  • Tuesday had the entire team meeting together, At the team meeting the team had a Teaching Tuesday on Electronics. Neel S demonstrated wiring techniques and different components of the robot. The open room saw the team working and almost finishing the robot. Electronics were carefully added and the intake was slowly assembled. A small group finished their numbers for the stands, while not painted in the photo below, they look awesome!
The numbers scrambled. all of which are three feet tall and made out of cardboard.
  • Tuesday ended at its usual 9 pm with plenty accomplished. The team set a deadline for the robot to be done by Friday night as everyone wanted to get some valuable practice in. 


  • Wednesday seems like a slow time every week. For Talon the team was in full swing. Team members worked on finishing off the robot mechanically. Wednesday saw the intake finally taking shape, at the end of the night we had everything built except for the extending arm’s chain. No subteam met on Wednesday but everyone was preparing for the end of the week. 


  • Thursday was the end of the school week for most of the team. When school ended most team members arrived in the room to help finish work on the robot. By the end of the night, our practice field was set up and our robot was mostly done. The team was ready for practice on Friday. Open room mainly saw plates being cut on the CNC. There wasn’t too much work that was done in the room as the robot was ready to go.
The CNC machine running at full force. there is an aluminum sheet that is being cut up. Metal shavings everywhere


  • Friday opened at its regular time and our programming members got to work. At 3:30 they started work on programming the robot’s new subsystems. By the end of the night, the robot was done and ready for practice the next day. The open room hardly saw any action as the robot was completely done. One team member did cut a couple of extra plates on the CNC. 

Weekend Updates 18/19

Both weekend days were quite similar to each other. On Saturday the team mainly worked on the robot’s code. With our new intake, the programming team worked on adjusting controls to get the sweet spot for our drivers. With spring break the following week our team got to continue to use our field. Fourtinally we were not alone. The Green Machine and the RoboCats joined Talon. While we broke the robot often, we were able to test out many features and get plenty of practice in!

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