2023 Build Season Days 6-10 (1/17-20/2023)

Authors: Andy S, Eleanor G, Dylan C

Weekly Summary

Instead of the regular daily blog post, the team has been doing, the media team has decided to switch to weekly summaries focusing on the entire week’s events.


Today was quite busy for the team. Starting off the day, everyone assembled in the open room and quickly got to work. With prototypes being shown off later that day. Multiple members started adding details to their drafted designs. Others went to grab newly ordered parts from the school’s shipping dock. 

three member working on a wooden-metal prototype
Riley, Paul, and Timothy working on an arm prototype. This arm would be able to grab game elements from one side and be able to flip over and put them on the other.

The day was packed with last-minute changes, practicing, and planning. To top that all off, TGI had one of its meetings where members build an arm prototype. Once the meeting arrived. The team first voted on its woodie flowers candidate. After that, we went through our usual routine of subteam updates, and upcoming events. 

The team ended its meeting with a long prototype vote. By the end of the meeting, we knew what the plan was for our robot.

the entire room full of people working



  • Wednesday was one of construction and deconstruction. The room started at 3:30 and within the first thirty minutes of work, we destroyed old prototypes and started up the CNC. The rest of the evening wasn’t that busy. Members worked on other subteam projects while the CNC was cutting. The biggest highlight of the evening was when the team destroyed old wooden game pieces. 
A student working on the vertical bandsaw


  • Thursday’s room didn’t have much happening in it. With the CNC fully set up from the past evening. The entire room was mainly full of cutting plates. The programming subteam did have its weekly meeting where they worked on Apriltages and their individual projects. 

Friday- 20th

  • On Friday the team was busy as ever. The open room started and so did the assembling. The CNC was booted up and some fiberboard was cut. While that was happening, a few members finished disassembling the Infinite Recharge hopper. Plenty of individual projects were worked on, but the biggest highlight was when we cut the wooden top for our tool cart. 

The team did various jobs throughout the day as CAD week is underway. We mainly worked on our intake and indexer systems in the room. While not one of the busiest weeks, we had a lot of fun working and listening to music.

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