2023 Build Season Kickoff (1/7/23)

Authors: Ani R Dylan C


Today marked the start of the 2023 Build Season. Everyone arrived at school for our traditional pancake breakfast at 9:00 AM where we all slowly gathered and woke up with coffee and orange juice. After breakfast, our team took one massive team picture (along with mentors & a FLL team) at 10:00 AM. Then at 11:00 AM, the team, mentors, and alums gathered together and listened to the captain’s presentation. After that the entire team watched the game reveal live stream by FIRST.

The entire team posing for a team photo in the high schools commons


This year’s game is called CHARGED UP, presented by Haas. A general overview of the game-play can be viewed here:

For more information on the game rules and the different specifications on the rules, scoring process, and other general information, view the official 2023 FIRST Game Manual.

After The Reveal

After the new game was revealed, the team split up into several groups and began reading the manual and discussing possible ideas for how we could proceed with this year’s robot. The very start of the afternoon had the team splitting into smaller groups and reading the entire game manual. During that time, individual team photos occurred and lunch was distributed around the room. Later that day, once everyone finished reading the rules. The entire team joined together for the final time that day to discuss the future of the season.

Four students smiling for the camera
Danny, Sadie Pearl, and Jordan posing for a picture.

Whats Next?

After a long discussion, everyone had a new plan on their minds and an urge to start building. The media team will continue to upload as often as possible. Tomorrow the team will be starting its first build-season open room. In the room, we will be building prototypes and experimenting with the game elements.

Aedin describing the teams rules. Hes pointing to a screen and using a microphone while talking

Stay Connected With Us During The Entire Season!

If you want to stay connected with the team during the entire season. Feel free to check out our social media pages: