Bots For Tots 2022

Event Overview

The entire team posing for a picture with the eden prairie police departement

Bots for Tots was a huge success. We at Talon Robotics, along with the Eden Prairie Police Department, demonstrated our robots (although in different ways) and connected with the kids and parents. This year, many parents were very interested in the robots, which is good news because the more kids and parents we can get involved with the different levels (FLL, FTC, FRC), the better!

Orion plays catch!

We had a lot of kids that were eager to interact with the robot. These are a few pictures of some of the kids catching, and returning gator balls to Orion. Our robot did have a few hiccups, a major annoyance was swapping out batteries during the first half of the day due to the low temperature of the batteries greatly reducing their capacity to hold a charge. This did not stop us and we kept on going throughout the day, more kids kept coming, and Orion kept on shooting. We could say without a matter of doubt that Orion was liked by the kids. What was not to like, it was a robot that can play catch!


andy driving the robot and the police robot holding one of our cargo

We had a fair share of community involvement, from communicating with the police department to playing catch with a high school robot and even raising toys for those in need. We feel like Bots For Tots was a great way to help the community and put a smile on everybody’s faces for the holiday season!

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