Friday Fun with FTC!!! (11/11/22)

Author: Timothy M

The FTC Incursion

Today during the open room we had half of the FTC teams that we mentor come into the room to get some last-minute work done on their robots before their competition the next day. They worked tirelessly to get everything patched up and get as much practice as they could. Student mentors Adhi K and Reese F worked closely with them to give them advice. Adult mentor Jon S also provided them support in order to make sure they were ready!

Adhi K supervises robot construction

Demo Bot and Driver Station

A lot of progress was made toward the demo bot today. Etnik H, Rahul C, and Sam S all worked towards adding the electronics to the demo bot drivetrain and finished adding all swerve modules to the frame. 

Etnik H, Rahul C, and Sam S working on demo bot

Meanwhile, Timothy M and Dylan C continued their work on the new driver station. While Timothy finished making the frame for the driver station, Dylan got to work frosting the polycarbonate for the top piece. Finally, together they spray-painted the frame and almost froze in the process.

Timothy M puts some final rivets into the driver station frame.

Decked out tool cart

Neel S made the first test run for a new modification for the team’s tool cart which includes the Talon Robotics logo carved into the piece of wood on the top. While it’s not perfect it’s very promising and he hopes to be able to create the final version soon.

Above is a picture of the first test cut!

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