Rookie Camps, and Open Room

Authors: Dylan C, Paul O

Today, Monday the 3rd, is the start of rookie camps for incoming team members. We were able to start the day with a presentation from Neel. The presentation was about team structure and a Captain’s duties. This led to a talk about the roles of team members and future opportunities in leadership positions.

six students getting taught about the jigsaw.
Timothy, Warren, Manas, Sam, and Kenny Learning about the jigsaw with Paul.

Fabrication And Safety Segment

The next section of the rookie camp was the safety and fabrication segment. Paul started the segment with an overview of room safety. It was then opened up for questions and concerns. This set the standard for room safety in the future. After that, the lesson segwayed into the fabrication part of the meeting. Paul and Neel performed tool sign-offs. Some of the tools included were a horizontal bandsaw, jigsaw, orbital sander, and drill press. Thanks to the first day of the rookie camps, Talon now has a plethora of new builders for the season to come.

Second Day of Rookie Camps

Fundraising Segment

On Wednesday the 5th, the second rookie camp ensued. The day started off with the senior members setting up the field for the programming section of the rookie camp. At the same time, the team also started its rookie camp with the fundraising sub-team. Shruti lead a fun bingo game that showed off different parts of the sub-team.

Awards And Marketing Segment

After the fundraising camp ended, the awards and marketing sub-team introduced themselves. Navya and Akshaya lead a fun game that introduced aspects of awards and marketing through a collaborative selling game. Freshmen got a short period in which they had to sell their items. After that, the new team members went into the school’s south commons and watched an interesting presentation about our robot and its multiple autonomous phases.

Third Day of Rookie Camps

On Friday the team wasn’t able to host its rookie camp due to a situation that occurred at our high school. Talon is planning on hosting the final camp, but with the TGI camps coming up, the team will have to postpone for at least one week.

four team members posing for a selfie in the robotics room.
Nolan, Eleanor, Andy, and Paul posing for a selfie in the room.

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