Homecoming Game

Hoco Game and T-shirt Cannon 

On Friday the 30th Talon was invited to shoot our own T-shirt cannon at our homecoming game. Talon quickly assembled a few volunteers and everyone started to fold t-shirts to shoot at the game. When the day of the game arrived, the team grabbed the cannon and a box full of shirts and headed to the stadium. 

riley shooting the t-shirt cannon on the track field.

The Aerie stadium was packed with students and parents from Eden Prairie and Lakeville. So when we got there, we immediately loaded up two barrels and fired into the stands. The whole five hours were definitely long, but super fun. The crowd went absolutely wide for our cannon when they heard the large blasts of air releasing from the barrels.

The homecoming game was an absolute blast, the small group that went down and shot t-shirts got to watch the game head-on. Talon will be doing another event just like the homecoming game super soon. Just like the game the team will be shooting the cannon at our school’s powderpuff game in collaboration with DECA.

Three talon team members laughing with each other on the feild.

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