EMCC 2022

Event Summary

Being one the first off-season events in our area, the team was super excited to sign up for the EMCC. EMCC is a great event to let newer members try out driving and operating our robot in a competitive setting. Throughout the day everyone was able to try out some aspect of playing in Rapid React. This was a great experience for the team whether it was operating the turret, or the drive train. Everyone had loads of un. 

The team in the stand posing for a photo

Broken Motor

The team did have an issue with our drivetrain later in the day. After plenty of matches Cerberus was too tired to continue and one of the motors in a gear box unfortunately died. This led to us having a stop midway through the day. Our programming lead was able to fix the issue, but the team lost a lot of valuable practice time.

five students in the back of the drivers station controlling the robot.

Loads of fun

While the waits for food were long, the fun matches and practice time made the day great. The team got to work on our cheers and learn how to fix a gearbox. The day was long, but a great time overall. 

Two students posing for a photo

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