Fireworks & Robots (7/3/2022)

Event Summary

On July 3rd, The city of Eden Prairie started off its independence day celebration with a fun carnival-like event. The city invited us to have a demo at the said event, so the team agreed. At the demo, the team greeted many families with Cerberus shooting and members ready to show off Talon. The entire team had a blast. We were able to sign up many kids into FLL and FTC, and we had a lot of fun talking with others about our team. 

A group of people Looking at the robot

Throughout the entire event, we had lots of fun. The food trucks right next to us gave us delicious snacks that we could eat while we were driving Cerberus. Many members also enjoyed watching kids create their own buttons with our button maker.

A family making a button

Anyone who wanted to could feed Cerberus cargo and drive him around. Many people got to dance and drive Cerberus with our DDR pad. Others used our driver controls. The entire event was awesome, it could not have been done without everyone who helped load and unload our supplies. 

A child and two students driving the robot.

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