Open House Fun (6/25/2022)

Event Summary

On June 25th Talon was finally able to do its famous team open house. At the event, the team invited our community to our school’s commons. At the commons the team was able to show off Cerberus and Orion. Talon was also able to introduce FLL, FTC, FTC to other students in our community.

Huge Turnout.

The entire event was a success, Talon Robotics was able to carry out the mission of FIRST as we had over 50 people in attendance. The team had an awesome day as it was one of the first times everyone saw each other since summer started.

one student showing another how to drive the robot with the DDR pad
A group of team members showing the DDR pad to a younger student.

Future Events

In the coming months the team will have many more opportunities to share our Team and the FIRST values. We are definitely looking forward to our July 3rd Demo at Round Lake which everyone is invited to.

A student showing a younger kid on how to use the dance pad.
Neel Showing a student how to drive to robot with the DDR pad.

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

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