Weekend Cleaning (6/11-6/12 2022)

Weekend Cleaning

Over the weekend Talon had seven hours to clean its room. During that time the team was able to clear out its very cluttered room storage. Multiple members organized different components of our room. By the end of week, the team was able to finally see its wooden counters again. Now Talon will be way more efficient all thanks to the team members that helped out.

A photo of the back part of the room fully cleaned out.  everything is put into piles and different storage compartments.
The back part of the room fully organized.

3D Printer Trouble

During the extensive cleaning the team also some time to look into our 3D printer. By the end of the cleaning period the team found out one of the issues was with the material. We also found another issue with the device’s Ip address. Fortunately the team was able to configure the Ip. so we should be able to get our printer running again. 

Future Plans

The entire weekend was very good for the team, but we are not done. The team is planning to continue to clean its room on Tuesday.

A massive crate with different types of wheels organized into piles.
Our box of wheels fully organized.

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