FIRST World Championship Day 2

Day Summary 

Today was the second day of the FIRST world championship. Today was all about qualification matches for everyone in the entire venue. For Talon the team spent the day playing its matches and scouting other teams. Below is a summary of the team matches and day:

  • The day started out at different times for everyone. Depending on how a fast team member moved. Everyone had breakfast at different times. The team finally got onto one schedule when everyone met at the bus. The team was able to reach the venue but at a later time as the traffic and lines were long. The team found a spot in the stands and everyone got to work on smaller projects.
the pit with people working in them

Qualification Match 1

  • In our first match everyone was excited. Cerberus was able leave the tarmac and shoot in two balls into the upper hub. After that our drivers shot in two balls. Unfortunately, our robot did miss multiple shots due to our motor’s power, and the opposing alliance’s defense.  Our drivers ended that round with two ranking points and a traversal climb.

Qualification Match 2

  • After having problems with our turret the team went to the practice fields to try to solve the issue. After a couple shots a programming member was able to correct the issue. The team started it second match of the day with a rocky start. The robot shot in two balls into the upper funnel. Unfortunately our robot had a belt that was disconnected in its tunnel. This forced the drivers to play very defensively as our robot could not shoot. We ended up loosing our second match, but the drivers were able to climb to the traversal ring. 
the drive team walking to the field. backs turned

Qualification Match 3

  • After so many issues the team needed a win. Our third match didn’t give us a win, but the team was able to play very defensively. Our robot shot in two balls in the autonomous phase, and our human player attempted a shot as well. The drivers experienced another problem with our robot’s shooter, so the team played very defensively. The alliance lost the round but the team was able to get a traversal climb in.

Qualification Match 4

  • In our fourth match the team did okay. Our pre-programmed autonomous phase allowed our robot to shoot in three balls. Our drivers shot in a couple of ball into the upper hub. In total our alliance managed to score 42 balls in the tele-op phase. Talon ended its fourth match with a close loss and a fast traverse.
a man holding a flag
The announcer holding Talon’s flag.

Qualification Match 5

  • With a day full of losses Talon finally got a win in its final match. Our drivers did this by working with our alliance members to make a strategy. Talon was sent to a different starting location. This led to the team shooting only two balls in the first fifteen seconds. When the auto phase ended the team shot in another five balls in the upper hub, and a one ball in the lower hub. The drivers ended our final match with a traversal climb.
the scoreboard of the final match. showing the score.

Currently the team is in 52nd place. Everyone at Talon cannot wait for the day tomorrow. Cerberus keeps improving with every match we play, so hopefully the team will able to rise the ranks in its final five matches. If you are wanting to view the upcoming matches. FIRST streams on Twitch throughout the event, and TheBlueAlliance posts updates on each match. No matter what happens, be sure to join Talon’s Crumbl Cookies Fundraiser on the 27th.

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