2022 Build Season Day 55 (4/14/2022)

Authors: Reese F, Dylan C

Open-Room Updates

Today in open room we did some repairs to our robot. During the 10k tournament our robot suffered some damage to its intake and battery box. Riley L fixed the intake and used some screws to secure the bearings on the intake in place so they cannot slip out. The battery box was fixed and riveted securely onto the robot.

a student working on the robot

Afterwards, there wasn’t much to do so the team decided to revisit our computer workbench that is used for CAD. The team decided to do some organization. We used a sander to polish the wooden desktop by doing so. We removed random materials that had built up over time. We vacuumed the computer and desktop and did some cable management. Afterwards our safety and organization lead showed a new member how to use a drill and impact driver.

a student using a vaccum on a desk

Although today wasn’t very eventful, the improvements we did to the robot should hopefully prevent our intake and battery box from breaking. With the world championship in Houston drawing ever closer. These tasks are ever so important now as we do not have much time to fix these things.

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