2022 Build Season Day 53 (4/12/2022)

Team Updates

Like every Tuesday Talon had its weekly team meeting. With our last meeting being two weeks ago the team had a lot to cover. Below is a list of everything the team covered:

  • After our last match our robot was damaged a lot. Its intake was partly destroyed and the battery mount needed repair. The team is planning on fixing both of these problems through this next week.
  • If you are planning on going to worlds. You will have to sign up through a SignUpGenius on the weekly email. If you are planning you must be on that list as the team will be buying tickets with that list.

The team captains made a pros & cons list for 10K. The team discussed everything that went well for our robot and the team. Talon also talked about everything that could have gone better. Either way the team is really happy with everything that happened at 10K.

two students writing on a whiteboard


With the special updates out of the way the captains invited their leads to discuss the sub-teams. Below is a list of every update:


  • The awards sub-team was really happy with 10K. Talon was able to get recognized at the event which is alway a plus. The team was able to get 3/4 of the individual awards.
  • The Awards sub-team will no longer have its usual schedule as we do not have any more regional competitions.


  • The Media team is really happy with 10K. The sub-team was able to get plenty of photos for the event. In the next few days the team will have its regular meeting. Besides that the sub-team doesn’t have many new updates.


  • The marketing sub-team was able to get many sponsors to attend 10K which is always a plus.
  • The sub-team is a year long commitment, so there are plenty of things to do. They plan on working on getting more sponsors and applying for grants throughout the summer. If you are interested in Marketing feel free to join any of their meetings on Monday.


  • The fundraising sub-team has been quite busy. They have been planning multiple fundraising events. Most of which should be coming in the near future.


  • Our outreach sub-team has also been quite busy in the past week. For starters they were able to spread awareness of our alumni event which will be happening on May 15th. They were also able to continue work on our summer camps.
three captains presenting their team presentation



  • The programming sub-team doesn’t have anything new to report as the robot code is finished. The team will continue to work on refining the robot’s code, but at the same time they will be mostly working on side projects.


  • The design sub-team also doesn’t have many updates as the robot is finished. They will continue to work on smaller projects, but the team is finished with all design.


  • The fabrication sub-team is also finished with the robot, so they do not have any new to report. They will be working on the robot in the pits, but everything is also finished with the fabrication sub-team.

Safety and Organization

  • The safety and organization sub-team did have some updates for this meeting. The sub-team has stated the idea of adding more safety tools to our pit cart. They have also been planning to have a cleaning day for our room.

Scouting and Strategy  

  • Our scouting and strategy sub-team was able to have a very successful scouting meeting at 10K. The sub-team was able to scout the entire event really well. However they did forget to collect a scouting tablet from our partners KingTec, so the team is focusing on collecting that.

The entire team is really pleased with 10K. Everyone is excited for what the future holds in terms of events and projects. While there wasn’t an open-room today the team will have its usual schedule for the rest of the week.

the team at the meeting
Christopher sharing the programming updates.

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