Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes Regional Day 1 (4/7/2022)

Day summary

Beginning Of The Day

  • Today was the first day of Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes Regional tournament. With the first day full of practice matches Talon was able to get a lot of needed testing in. Below there is a summary of the entire day:
  • With most of the team still at school taking finals. The number of team members at 10K was smaller than usual. However, the team did still have enough people to get everything done. 
  • The day started with our pit crew and drive team preparing the robot. For the team to be able to play the robot had to be inspected by a judge. With 55 other teams competing at the event getting inspected took time. Some members waited in the stands where other team members started pit-scouting. 
  • For the first few hours of 10K the team was mostly gathering data and waiting for the actual practice matches to begin. Once the first match began. The pits became more active. With an actual schedule in place, every team was in a sense of hurry. Talon’s first scheduled match was the third one of the day, but when the team was waiting in line. Talon was offered to be a replacement for another team. So, the first match for Talon started earlier than expected.
the drive team using the robot
The drive team controlling the robot in our second match.

Practice Match 1

  • When everything was set up the game quickly began Talon was not able to test its four-ball auto that match. But, the team was able to get six balls into the high goal. The team was able to try out some defensive strategies and some shooting, but the team didn’t climb that match as we wanted our teammates to attempt the climb. 

Practice Match 2

  • Once the second match of the day ended the team did not leave the field. The drive team quickly moved the robot to its next starting position as our next match was about to begin. 
    • Once the match began our robot was able to test out its four-ball autonomous. Everything was working well, but our robot was only able to hit two of the four balls. 
    • The drive team was able to quickly react to the issue, and they were able to shoot the remaining balls in the tele-op phase. They were also able to shoot another seven balls into the higher funnel during the remainder of the tele-op phase. Finally, when the team reached the last thirty seconds of the match the drive team was able to climb. The drivers managed to climb to the middle bar with the remaining time. 
our robot climbing on the bar
Cerberus Climbing to the traversal bar.

Break Between Matches

  • After the team finished the first two matches they had two hours until the next match began. During this time some members continued to scout out every team. Whereas some other members visited the other event that was happening next door. The pit crew was very busy. They found out that one of our motors was burnt out for our tunnel conveyor. This leads to the balls moving at a slower rate inside of the robot. This problem was eventually fixed in those two hours however a lot of time was spent with lunch and repairing the robot.

Practice Match 3

  • It wasn’t until the third match when Talon had an error with our four-ball auto. When setting up the field the robot was placed at a different angle than usual. This caused the robot to only be able to shoot one ball in its autonomous period. Afterwards, the robot was working quite well. The drivers were able to shoot in another six balls and managed to climb to the traversal bar. Overall Talon’s third match was a good example of our climbing and shooting skills.
The robot picking up cargo and shooting out of the turet.
Cerberus picking up cargo and bring it to the turet.

Test Matches

  • After the final scheduled match of the day, Talon was able to sneak in two more matches. These matches are meant to be filler rounds to keep the event going. The staff in charge of the event did have a small error with the games software, so the entire event was held up for over an hour. Once the event organizers were able to fix the software the game was able to begin. 

Test Match 1

  • In the first half of the game, our autonomous was able to shoot three balls into the higher goal. Our first ball did manage to somehow get shot out at a higher speed than usual. This led to the first ball getting shot out way farther than it should have been. The small setback did not stop the team. When the tele-op phase began our drivers were able to shoot in two additional balls and climb to the high bar. The team might have lost that match but everyone was able to get some much-needed practice.
The robot with its limelight on

Test Match 2

  • In the team’s final match of the day. Talon was able to shoot three balls in its autonomous phase. After that, the drivers were able to shoot another two balls into the high goal. During this match, the drive team was also able to play some good defense against the other alliance. In the last thirty seconds of the match, the team was able to reach the high bar. The team was able to test out some new plans and ideas. 

With the first day of 10K out of the way Talon is very excited for all of the qualification matches. If you are wanting to watch the event live. You can visit Twitch or TheBlueAlliance for live updates. 

a team member giving a thumbs up.

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