2022 Build Season Day 33 (3/10/2022)

Open-Room Updates

Today was a good day for Talon as we didn’t have many urgent tasks at hand. This allowed the team to teach new skills to newer members. Today we were very lucky to have an alumni join us in the open-room. The alumni was able to teach some new skills in Java. It is always amazing to have a past team member join us. If you are an alumni and you are wanting to come and visit the team please reachout  to us on Slack. 

An Alumni (Issac) working with a junior (Issac).

In robot news, the team continued to work on the comp-bot’s drive train. A couple team members started attaching the pieces that will hold the intake on the robot. As of now the new robot is only a couple of welded metal pieces. 

The robot on the open room floor.

In the coming days the team will be finishing the comp-bot. We will also be working on other tasks that will need to be done before our next tournament.

A team member inspecting the saw.
Neel cutting some new pieces.

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