Northern Lights Day 3 (3/4/2022)

Summary Of The Day

Today was the second day that the team was participating in Minnesota’s regional FRC event, Northern Lights. Today we played in six of our nine matches. 

First Match

  • In the first match we played we were still working out some of our kinks. Unfortunately  our team lost the match because we had some minor issues with our climber and turret. Once our stress dissipated the pit crew rushed back to the pits and they got to work. 

Second Match

  • In the second match we were able to have our robot in a working condition. Although our robot was working. We were able to win thanks to our alliance members being flexible with our drive team. We were able to move our robot around and our drive team did get a lot of experience during that match.

Third Match

  • In the third match of the day it was starting to get a little intense. So many teams were starting to get a hang of Rapid React so we started to develop a more complex strategy. We did end up losing that game by a single point. Our robot did have a few issues with the limelight so our shooting wasn’t the most accurate shots. To top all of our problems off we were hit very hard by an opponent. This ended up leading to our entire turret hanging off of the robot. We eventually were able to fix the turret as we found out that a bolt came loose on the gear.

Fourth Match

  • In the fourth match things started looking up. Our team was finally able to fix most of the problems with the robot and the turret was working. Our alliance ended up winning that match by twenty-two points.

Fifth Match

  • In the fifth round we had our best round yet. The drive team was doing their best and the robot had no problems until the very end. We ended up winning the round with our alliance members but our joystick calibration stopped working. 

Sixth Match

  • In our final round of the day we ended strong by getting ranked. We played very well and our alliance managed to beat our opponents by thirty-four points. 

Overall Summary

If you want to watch the fully recorded matches head on over to TheBlueAlliance. We played in matches 4, 16, 23, 34, 43, & 52. Tomorrow we have another three scheduled matches you will be able to view them on Twitch.

The combined score from all the matches ended us at fourteenth place. Currently we are in eighteenth place. Ending on the great rank we all gather at the hotel to scout out the rest of the day. Unfortunately we will not be able to share our findings but we have a good plan for tomorrow. Currently the robot is working very well, it’s getting mid-climb almost every time we try. We are also getting really good scores on both the autonomous phase and the Tele-op phase.

The entire team has worked very hard for this event. It’s fun for everyone involved so no matter what happens we will do our best tomorrow. 

The robot climbing on the hanger with another alliance member.
The robot climbing on the mid-bar before the game ended.
the robot on the field, looking fine.
Our robot waiting for the game to start.
The robot shooting a ball into the lower funnel.
Our robot shooting a ball into lower funnel for a ranking point.
The robot in our pit next to the team captain.
A special thanks to all of our sponsors. We couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of all of your donations.

Team Updates

Tomorrow will be the earliest day yet. As most of the team know the drive and pit crews will be leaving for the pits at 7:30am as the pits open at 8:00am. The rest of the team must leave the hotel by 8:00am as we want everyone to witness the open ceremonies. Be sure to be fully packed up because we will be loading luggage in the morning. Breakfast is at the usual time but do plan for it to be as busy as yesterday. 

Finally During the awards ceremony everyone must applaud the other teams. We are all a part of First, so no matter what happens let’s do what Woody Flowers would do. Let’s all be the most gracious and professional team there remember that we are representing all of Talon.

A blue shirt on the pits table.
A Team representative signing “Talon” on the woody flower shirt.
A Photo of Andy in the field.
Andy waiting for the drive team to finish the match so he can load the robot onto the cart.

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

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