2022 Build Season Day 27 (2/19/2022)

Robot Updates

Today was a longer open room which is very good for the robot and the team. Today we worked on putting grease on the drive train. We also started finalizing the electronics for the robot. As of now the robot is getting very close to being finished. Overall the open room went very well. The team was able to accomplish a lot with the robot. In the next ten days we will working tirelessly to finalize the man bot. 

A team member screwing in a bolt onto the turret.
One of the team captains working on the robot.
Two team members working on the drive train.
A mentor talking to a team member about the robot.
A team member pushing new code onto the robot.
A team member programming on their laptop.

Other Updates

  • Today was the day that week 0 happened. Because of the state of the robot the team chose not to attend the event. However the scouting team did lead a small group to watch other teams. 
  • In other news the list for those who are traveling to Northern lights has been posted. You can view this list in Slack. Also you now sign up for the meal registration. If you are traveling with the team you are required to fill the meal form out even if you will not be sharing meals with the team.

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