2022 Build Season Day 24 (2/15/2022)

Authors: Dylan Curry, Kenny Nguyen

Robot Updates


Progress on the in-take continues after the 3D printer was all done with the parts we needed to continue the build. We have the members hammering in the pieces.


We also have 5 new Interstate batteries and had members install leads. After some charging these new batteries should be ready to go for our nearly made bots. 

A team member working on the intake bar.

Team members also installed a mount for a “conveyor” so we can pull the cargo into the turret. 

A team member adding in bars onto the robot.

Team Updates 

Today was the team general meeting. At the meeting we discussed the following:

  • All subteams are running smoothly. 
  • The Duluth travel meeting will be on the 22nd if you are attending you must bring one guardian.
  • The awards sub-team collaborated with the rest of the team on awards we want to focus on for duluth
  • All subteams are running smoothly. 
  • The Business side of the team, is working on future events
  • On the engineering side of the team. The robot is coming along smoothly. So far the robot has all of the core pieces attached but the robot is still missing most of its electronics.
  • The team is debating on going to week zero. Currently there isn’t a plan on going as the robot is not fully functional. We would rather have more time working on the robot in our workshop.
  • The programming primitives have been finished I.e. the drive and other movement control. However we are still working on turret program.
  • Scouting team is planning on going to week zero no matter what the team decides.
  • Marketing team has been working on SWOT analysis since last week. As of now they will summarize their findings from the last meeting and work to perfect those strengths and remove those weaknesses.
Team members adding wires to the old batteries.

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