2022 Build Season Day 23 (2/14/2022)

Open-room Goodness

Today was another busy and productive day for talon. Today the team continued to work on the practice bot. However today was somewhat difficult as we worked on mounting pieces onto the robot. Part of this task requires members to get parts in the right spot. This is easier said than done when multiple members are working on it at once. We also started working on the battery mount for the robot due to the robot not having many electronics attached to itself. Overall today was another good day for the team as parts are being made and the robot is starting to reach its final form.

A team member working on drilling out rivets.

Other News

Today the marketing meeting had their regularly scheduled meeting. At said meeting they worked on the new wristband design. They also started working on the entrepreneurship award plan. As of now they have written up a plan on a storyboard.

During the open room today team members started using a spotify playlist. If you are a member of the team and you are wanting to hear some of your own music. You can head on over to the discord server to get access to the playlist. 

Team member working on making a new bar.
Team member working on the practice bot
A team member working on the drill press.

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