2022 Build Season Day 16 (2/2/2022)

Quick Overview

Today wasn’t the most productive day for the build side of the team due to all of the programming and design that still needs to get done. However we were able to test out the climber prototype that we made on monday. Overall we did clean some of the room but we mostly worked on other projects that do not require us to be in the room.

  For the business side of the team they did the usual work with their weekly calls. The Outreach sub-team worked on an alumni event and the fundraising did their usual business today. However we did have a very lucky opportunity to collaborate with other teams in our region at the Southwest hub meeting which took place on a Zoom call. At the Southwest meeting Talon and other teams discussed our designs and ideas that were working well with us.

a team member working on the drive train
A talon member working on the Drive train during today’s open room.

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