2022 Build Season Day 15 (2/1/2022)

Weekly Team Meeting

Today Talon Robotics had our weekly team meeting where we discussed the remainder of the season and what the future holds for the team. We discussed the Northern lights tournament which will take place in Duluth at the beginning of March. If you are a team member who wants to sign up for this event head to the team’s Slack. 

 During the meeting the team discussed our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the team through a collaborative SWOT meeting. Overall the meeting was very regular compared to all the other weekly meetings we have had. In the coming days we are planning to have the CNC machine constantly running as we need parts for the robot. The design and programming members are also working very hard on their projects. Overall the entire team is working very hard for week zero.

SWOT team meeting lead by two awards meetings
SWOT Meeting at the robotics room.
The drive train fitted with the motors and wheels.
During the day team members worked on the drive train. In particular they added the electronics  and the motors to the wheels in the photo above.

Progress on the old robot 

 As you know we have been working on the old Bot from last year. Today some programmers were also able to program a way that will measure the robot’s speed in different measurements. We can now find the MPH, KPH, and  Ft/Sec on the robot at the driver station. We will continue work on this robot for education purposes and special events with the team but, for the most part the robot will not be seeing that much action anymore.

SWOT meeting in progress

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

If you want to stay connected with the team during the entire season feel free to check out our social media.

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