2022 Build Season Day 10 (1/17/2022)

Authors: Devh, Pearl

Adjustable Hood

The adjustable hood rotates the limelight 360 degrees so that it has a better view of the hoops on the field.  Using a NEO, it lets the gears spin. The smaller gear is the one attached to the NEO. The programming team tried to make the prototype work by using the “cat computer”. Unfortunately, it did not work the first time, but that is the beauty of engineering! The use of a different computer let the gears start spinning, moving the limelight in a full circle. On the first run of spinning, it was very fast causing one part of the smaller gear to chip. It was not a major issue because when running at a slower speed, the gears were interlocking just fine. 

The adjustable hood is meant to connect to our turret so we can shoot from anywhere on the field.

Vision Stuff

One of the goals the programming team has for the robot is to make it move with wherever the ball is. The robot is coded to detect the red ball, for now. Since the robot was programmed to detect red, our programmers had to cover up the red wires of the robot with a white board so that the limelight only detects the ball and nothing else. It was mostly trial and error to get the robot working right. It was able to know where the ball was and mark the location of it. The only problem was to make it move with the ball. Tracking it. After some troubleshooting, our amazing programming team figured out a way to make that happen. 


Prototypes needed to be completed or near completion tonight in order to be ready for prototype voting tomorrow. The two intakes we worked on today were the linear and the four-bar. 

The linear intake was adjusted to ensure that the ball would not escape during the intake process. We added four compression wheels near the middle of the design so that the ball would have contact with the intake at all times. 

The four-bar had a little more work left. We needed to add the chains and gears so we could make it a moving contraption. While we didn’t get that completed, we have a plan to get it done before the vote tomorrow.

“Pretend you’re actually doing stuff for the picture.”

– Pearl

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