Talon Robotics March Update

Authors: Pearl Jain, Andrew Georgioff

Infinite Recharge at Home Submissions

Much of our team focus lately has been on preparing for the first major deadline, which was March 4. This was the deadline for the written submissions for Infinite Recharge at home, Game design, and the Innovation Challenge. Despite it being primarily writing, however, there were also other components to the submission. These included the robot flier for the Infinite Recharge at the Home challenge and field CAD for the game design challenge. These teams still have some requirements, however, as all three groups have presentations soon and the requirement for the skills competition videos is rapidly approaching.

New Intake

The new intake has finally been added to the competition robot! This new intake is 8 in. wider than the previous intake, allowing us to intake Power Cells far more effectively than the previous version. This will help us further optimize our scores in both the galactic search challenge and the POWER PORT challenge.

Above: A CAD Render of the robot showing the new intake. 

Chairman’s Presentation

The awards team has been working hard to prepare for the presentation coming up next Thursday, March 25th. Preparations for chairmans began during the pre-season. The sub-team focused on writing the executive summaries from November to January, and they worked on the essay portion from December to February. Each portion of the submission was thoroughly edited before the submission date – February 25th. The presentation team consists of Rohit, Aarushi, and award team lead Serena. In order to practice for next Thursday, they presented for the team during the weekly all-team meeting. With the feedback they have received, they plan to meet a few more times to practice before presenting.

Above: The presentation team (Serena, Rohit, Aarushi), and the Awards Team Mentor, Michelle