Day 10 – Troubleshooting^2 (2/07/2021)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff


Much of today was spent on programming for the autonomous portion of the Infinite Recharge at Home competition, notably on the AutoNav challenge. 

Above: The first of three paths in the AutoNav challenge


Aside from programming, the other focus today was on troubleshooting the drivetrain issue. Many different parts were checked to narrow down the issue. Some of these include running the motors directly to test if it was a code issue, checking the wiring, checking if the issue happened in both high and low gear, checking the pinion on the motor and the gearbox gears, and running the motor separately from the rest of the drivetrain to check for odd behavior. Despite all of these tests, however, we were still unable to pinpoint the exact fault which causes the issue to occur.

Above: The motor detached from the drive train; to analyze the pinion and run separately from the drive train.