Day 9 – Testing and Troubleshooting (2/06/2021)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff


Most of the programming today was focused on fixing an issue. This issue (assumed to be with the encoders) was a problem with the distance tracking. The distance that the robot thought it moved (measured by the encoders recording the rotations of the motor) was extremely distant from the actual distance value. 


We tested different balls with the hopper and shooter system today. This was done to test how a shooter similar to the one on the comp bot handles different types of balls. We found the basketballs we shot went further than power cells, especially vertically, and the rubber balls went a shorter distance. 

Above: A video of a rubber ball being shot through the comp bot. 


Despite replacing a motor last time we met, we once again encountered issues with the drivetrain, seemingly the same, or a very similar, issue to the last time we encountered problems. We were unable to pinpoint the problem today, but we are aiming to locate and fix the problem next time we meet.