Day 7 – Fabrication and Organization. (1/30/2021)

We continued progress on our new intake today. Unfortunately, progress has been slower due to the limited tools we currently have access to, but we still are able to produce the parts in-house. We also received several containers for our new pit cart.

Plate Fabrication

We started fabricating the plates for our new intake today. We were originally planning to cut these using the waterjet at the University of Minnesota, but we are currently unable to access it due to COVID-19 limitations. Due to this, we had to make the plates ourselves. Two plates were made today: by first making a rough cut with the bandsaw, and then using the mill for a straighter edge. 

Above: an aluminum plate ready to be cut by a vertical mill. 

Pit Cart Containers

We received several containers for our pit cart today! These containers are similar to the ones our current one uses for smaller hardware (screws, bolts, etc), but is slightly larger, in addition to having specific dimensions to fit into our pit cart. 

Above: 2 containers for the pit cart. 

Above: The CAD design for the new pit cart.