COVID-19 Update 2: PPE, Pit Cart, and Website improvements

Authors: Andrew Georgioff

While we have been unable to meet to do larger offseason projects due to COVID-19, we were still able to work on a few smaller tasks. 

PPE Printing:

Due to the effects of COVID-19, many places have had a shortage of PPE. Many FRC teams, notably 2052 ( have made efforts to combat this shortage through 3D printing. One of our team members printed face shields and donated them to Chanhassen.

Above: An image of fully assembled Face Shields

Above: An image of a team member delivering printed PPE

Above: A tweet from the city of Chanhassen mentioning the donated PPE

New Pit Cart:

We received our new pit from Bodeker recently. This pit cart was made through the efforts of multiple team members over the past few months. This was in addition to the support of Bodeker who fabricated the cart once they received the drawings. The new pit cart was designed to be more efficient with storage than the previous pit cart, as well as having an integrated battery charger. 

Above: the finished CAD model of the new pit cart

Above: An image of a battery in the new pit cart

Website Improvements:

Dev1 (A site being worked on to replace the old site) has received a lot of smaller changes over the past few weeks. Work was done to implement a child theme to make future changes easier. Some other minor changes were made on the navigation menu. Additionally, all of the blog posts were ported over. This means that once the site is ported over to production, the blog will be on the main site rather than the separate site which is being used currently. 

Above: An image of the blog on the navigation bar for dev1

Quote of the day: This is so sad – Ravisha Jaiswal, 2019-20 Business Captain