Day 30 – Sent CADs (02/02/2020)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff, Ritik Mishra

Flywheel Testing

We tested the flywheel today to get some final measurements on how much compression is ideal for maximum power. Through this testing, we decided to set the compression to 1.5 inches for now.

CAD Drawings

Today, we finished CAD & technical drawings for all of the parts that we are sending to CEM.  We worked hard and sent these to CEM and will likely receive the machined components back around Thursday to be assembled. If you are reading this after the 2020 season has ended, please look at the administration notebook for advice on how to handle sending parts to CEM. 

We sent two unique parts that stood out from our typical order of raptor frame: a flywheel weight, and our two shooter plates. The drawings for these parts incorporated two new drawing techniques in order to better convey the part’s dimensions to the machinist: ordinate dimensions, and a section view. The section view was required on the flywheel weight to better convey the depth of the pockets, and ordinate dimensions were required on the shooter plates in order to not fill the whole page with dimension lines.

Fun fact: Ritik learned today the hard way that his SOLIDWORKS installation on his laptop was configured to (by default!) create drawings using the ISO standard, which is not used in the US (we use the ANSI standard instead). This caused some minor aesthetic changes.

Above: The drawings for our flywheel plate. They use ordinate dimensions

Above: The drawing for our flywheel weight. It uses a  section view.

Quote of the day: “look at that Ritik! can you buy this on amazon? the better question is if you want to buy it on amazon” — Justin Silweski, showing Ritik some ugly cad (it was made less ugly before it was sent to CEM)