Day 28 – Intake Prototype and Code Stuffs (1/31/2020)

Authors: Ritik Mishra

Intake Prototype

Today, we tested a new intake design. This design is meant to truly intake the ball over the bumper, as opposed to intaking it over a frame cutout. The design has 3 rubber rollers arranged to guide the ball up and over the bumper without any deadzones in roller-ball contact. Although it won’t center the ball, it should not be a problem since the hopper has a full width entrance, and will do the centering for us.

As seen in the video, the churro support caused the ball to get stuck. If we moved the support to be directly behind the middle roller, it would no longer be problematic. With a higher speed and more compression, this design will work well. 

Code Stuffs

Our programmers have been working on the Code Stuffs lately. Currently, younger programmers are working on implementing all of the subsystems on the robot (shooter, intake, hopper, climber) while more veteran programmers are working on getting the built-in WPILib path planning library to work (sorry, ezAuton).