Day 24 – The Return of the SOLIDWORKS (1/27/2020)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff, Danny Georgioff, 


Today was a CAD day as we are aiming to send CAD to CEM tomorrow.


Image from iOS

Today, we got a printer donated from Stratasys! We are currently working with Stratasys to set up a training session and get it fully set up with materials, wash machine, and other such accessories in next two weeks.

CAD Iterations

Today we made multiple iterations on the CAD, including (but not limited to):

  • Making the belts on the conveyor properly tensioned
  • Fixing the active so it goes back into the frame properly
  • Editing the shooter to have the proper wheel (colson)
  • Adding the proper motor to the active intake
  • Working on V2 of the shooter
  • Making top bars the proper size
  • Changing bars to raptor frame to save weight

We are hoping to send in everything to CEM by tomorrow morning.

Quote of the Day: “This will be the first year we have electronics panel on the CAD, if we put the electronics panel on the CAD” – Ritik Mishra, Design lead