Day 11 (1/16/2018)


The team voted on prototypes today. The engineering leads will discuss this decision later this week. That decision will most likely be on Thursday.


The team decided on the following:

For the active intake, we wanted an elevator integrated active intake. For lifting, we decided that we should go with the linear slide elevator. For climbing, we would want to integrate it into our elevator, and we would also want to persue Project Butterfly.

In the next few days we will finish CAD models for prototypes that were chosen. The team hopes to send those out to Eric as soon as possible to get them machined. There will be a scouting meeting on Thursday this week for anyone who wants to attend. Additionally, robotics build time hours changed and Wednesdays will only be 6pm to 9pm until there is an email. Remember to check the remind and facebook for changes in room time.


Various Programming and CAD

Ritik worked on ShuffleBoard implementations and added a force downshift button. In particular, he and Isaac AJ made the crucial discovery of the Sendable interface. This interface allows things to be sent to the Shuffleboard with more detail; in particular, using the Sendable interface allows you to use the more complicated widgets like the DifferentialDrivebase and Gyro widgets, both of which are very informational. Additionally, all of the develop branch is now merged with master (including Pure Pursuit), and more accurate formulas for Pure Pursuit are currently being worked on.