Day 5 (Rest) and Day 6

Day 5:

Today was a break day for our team. The only things that happened were meetings and delivery of some parts. At the build leads meeting, we decided to order both a set of single speed and dual speed gearboxes so we can try both of them and figure out which ones we like better. Other than that, it was a nice relaxing day for our team members.

Day 6:

Today we continued to work on our prototypes and improving them. Many prototypes finished the proof of concept stage and a more finalized/nicer designs are being made.

Flywheel Shooter

Today, the flywheel shooter had a lot of updates and tweaking. Although most of our time was spent on re-adjusting things that should not have been moved, Elizabeth, Miguel, Kayla, and Grant made a lot of progress on the feeder, hood, and overall structure. By the end of the day, we finished the feeder and wheel adjustments. We tested a little bit which showed about 68% accuracy, but tomorrow we will be fine tuning the shooter and making small improvements. Miguel will also be stabilizing one of the polycarbonate sheets on the conveyor/feeder.

Pneumatic Tubing Active

This prototype just finished getting out of the proof of concept stage, and so Maddy, Poorva, and Josie started working on the nicer design. The proof of concept showed that it could intake many balls at a time and lift the balls up into a hopper. They will also be working on different styles and comparing them against each other, such as a polycord conveyor.

Two Wheel Shooter

This is another shooter that has started to get into the proof of concept stage. Today, Katy, Carson, and Sam got a base set up, gearboxes mounted, and wheels were chosen. Tomorrow, they plan on adding a feeder system.

Two Wheel Climber

Bethany continued to work on her prototype that was started a couple of days ago. Today she made the wheels, motors, and sprockets more securely mounted, and she also added a motor with chain to drive parts of her design. Tomorrow the plan is to add another motor, replace some duct tape with spacers, and preform a lot of tests.

Gear Collection Box

A new prototype to collect and score gears was started today by Aaron, Blake, and Sam. This prototype will aim to be small, compact, and efficient. They also created a passive gear alignment system. Their goals for tomorrow include adding/being able to score it, and also making it easy to mount to a robot.

There has been a lot of great progress happening in the past couple of days. Keep it up team! Here’s a picture of cheesy poofs for inspiration: