Lisa LaMothe

Like a loving eagle watching her eaglets grow up, Lisa LaMothe nurtures a culture of collaboration, innovation, and ingenuity while maintaining a caring and pleasant demeanor. As a result, Team 2502, Talon Robotics would like to nominate Lisa LaMothe for the Woodie Flowers Award. Lisa exemplifies several values through her radiating friendly demeanor and passionate initiative. deep-down commitment to Talon Robotics.

When she is mentoring, Lisa makes Open Room (work time) feel like a welcoming space, free of judgment and encouraging participation. Upon the arrival of new members to their first couple of open rooms, Lisa greets them with a smile and asks if they have anything to do. It is clear Lisa makes an effort to get to know every kid and makes sure their experience in robotics is valuable. Unlike most mentors, Lisa who works so close to the high school is always able to open our room immediately after school. This helps our team tremendously as we can get started right after school and not waste any time. 

Throughout the three years that Lisa directed for Talon, she mentored the middle and elementary school robotics teams (FTC and FLL). She completely turned around the two programs by investing significant time and effort into both teams. In 2021, she stepped into a vacancy for the FLL lead mentor, and since then ran the entire program on her own while simultaneously assisting our FTC program. She would always be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave, while maintaining an amazing attitude with outstanding patience. As a result, both FTC and FLL teams were able to improve significantly when compared to their placings the year before. When asked, most members claim their experience from FTC prepared them for FRC. In addition to mentoring younger children, Lisa has been a key mentor with us high schoolers. 

We can not describe Lisa LaMothe without using the words devoted and meticulous. She has a steadfast commitment to ensuring our team is fed and fueled to get work completed. Whenever the team attended any events, Lisa took charge of organizing food and transportation for the entire team.

A large portion of our fundraising comes from public events such as “Robots and Rotini”. Lisa was the majority contributor to ensure the event ran smoothly. She picked up food and coordinated with outside contacts while working with the school cafeteria staff. That doesn’t even cover the many hours poured into creating the admission tickets for team members to sell and putting together a silent auction. Ultimately, her efforts were instrumental in making the event a resounding success, raising hundreds of dollars for our team. 

Words cannot describe the profound difference that Lisa has made and is making within Talon. Like an eagle teaching her kin to fly, Lisa’s radiant personality, boundless enthusiasm, and persistent leadership became the wind under Talon’s wings, allowing us to soar and inspire.