Members of the EPHS Robotics Team love robotics and look forward to building a new robot each year.  Members hope the team will continue to grow and participate in the FIRST competitions.  To do this requires dedication, hard work, teamwork, and passion.  But as you can expect, building a multifunctional, electronic robot is very expensive.  Not only does our budget account for expensive building materials, but it also covers the cost of competition registration and transportation.  While a portion of our budget is covered by the student registration fees, about 90% comes from sponsorship.

Sponsoring our team is also a great opportunity to promote your company to a wide audience of people, from the EPHS student body (3,100) —which is the 2nd largest in the state of Minnesota—to the viewers at the events, both live and via webcam.  Also, sponsorship is a great opportunity to support a very unique, exciting, and educational experience.  By sponsoring our team, you provide young students the opportunity to experience not only engineering or technological fields, but also gain the skills of leadership, marketing, teamwork, and communication.  Such skills are essential for a successful company.

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MPMA: 2018 The Power Of Giving Video – Team 2502’s interactions with sponsors

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