Central Missouri Regional Day 4: The End of the Begining

Today consisted of our final qualification matches, finals, and awards.

Qualification Matches

Match 9

Match 9 started out really successful with our alliance scoring 31 points in auto! We were looking really good, scoring multiple in the speaker throughout the match. Cronus attempted a climb, but yet again we ran out of time. We ended up losing this match 67-75. If we make a couple more shots we will start winning consistently.

Match 10

We took another dub in match 10 with a score of 62-41. We had a great auto which put us in the lead early on. Our drive team was able to consistently score notes in the speaker and amp, which kept us ahead the whole game. At the end of the match we parked Cronus for an extra couple of points.

Match 11

We took a rough loss in match 11, losing 59-111. We had a wonderful 3 note auto work out for us. We did great scoring this match but it wasn’t enough to stay ahead of the top team. We did end up climbing in the end for some extra points!

Match 12

Match 12 was our last qualifier of the tournament. We took another loss 45-68. We had to play defense due to a malfunction in the robot. Cronus was able to climb in the end almost getting us a harmony.

Playoff Matches

After a suspenseful alliance selection, our alliance captain team Neutrino chose us as their second pick alongside The Robocats.

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