Central Missouri Regional Day 3: The Qualification Matches Begin!

Written By: Daniel N

The Beginning of The End

Today was filled with success, defeat, learning experiences, and most importantly fun! Take a look at our first competition day at the Central Missouri Regional!

Qualification Matches

Match 1

Our first match of the day, although a loss, was a huge success. From technical difficulties to depleted batteries, our drive team persevered and was able to make multiple notes into the speaker! Our alliance lost the match 42-48. Due to delays, our battery depleted down to 7 volts (from 12 volts) so it was hard to control and unfamiliar to our drivers. Throughout the match, they adapted and were able to bring it back in the end.

Riley and Nolan setting Cronus on the field.

Match 2

Our second match of the day started rough. We ran an untested auto, which unfortunately didn’t work out for us. It was unable to score many points and even shot a ring or two out of the arena! After auto we had a ring snag on a piece of our intake, making us ineligible to pick up a second ring. We were forced to play defense for the rest of the match. Although we lost this one 27-72, it wasn’t all bad. We had the chance to practice our defense and refine our skills.

Cronus preparing to shoot a note.

Match 3

Our third match was tough. It started with an unsuccessful autorun. After auto, we got out there and started shooting for the speaker early on. We shot multiple times just unable to connect. Cronus was unable to climb in the end. We lost this match 52-86. It was a rough one but we will bounce back.

Match 4

Our 4th match is where we started to see success. With a win of 103-31, we dominated this match! We ran a successful auto where we left the zone while our alliance members managed to score 29 points. Due to a limit switch error, our intake was not properly aligned and we could not do a whole lot in this match.

Cronus shooting a note into the speaker.

Match 5

In match 5 we claimed our second victory of the day. We won 36-23! Our auto was successful where we scored a note in the speaker. We went and scored multiple notes in the speaker during the duration of the match, securing our lead against the other alliance.

Match 6

Match 6 ended in a loss of 38-54. We connected with a lot of shots into the speaker but missed some crucial ones to put us in the lead. Unfortunately we were not able to pull ahead in this one and took the loss. Cronus attempted a climb but ran out of time.

Cronus preparing to shoot a note into the speaker.

Match 7

Match 7 was a very close loss of 43-45. Our drive team did a fantastic job of scoring in the speaker. We are starting to get accurate! It was a close match through up until the end. Cronus ended up not having enough time to climb the chain. It was a close loss, but we’ll get ’em next time!

Match 8

Match 8 was our final match of the day, and we want to end off on a high note. We took the dub on this one with a score of 44-33! Cronus ended up scoring 7 notes in the speaker. Our drive team was on point this game, scoring whenever they got the chance. Cronus finished up by parking at the end for some extra points. Overall a solid performance and one to be proud of!

A Snippet on TGI

Inclusivity is a pillar of Talon Robotics. As a team, it’s important to ensure that everyone feels included, and safe, and is a confident member of the team. As a team, we are aware of the large gender gap, not just within our team, but within engineering as a whole. This is something we are working to resolve through the means of TGI, or Talon Girls Initiative. TGI works towards resolving this field’s gender gap by making efforts to recruit new girls onto the team and further involve those who have already joined.

Outside of TGI the Ladies Lunch In hosted by Maxion Wheels at the Central Missouri Regional have been a huge help to supporting girls in FIRST. As a team, we would like to thank the kind volunteers from Maxion who came to have an open discussion about what it’s like to be a woman in STEM. They provided advice, insight, and kindness to the event attendees over a wonderful lunch. It’s events like these that help close the gender gap in STEM and give girls confidence in themselves and their futures.

Woodie Flowers Finalist Award

Lisa with her two kids Riley and Ally after she won Woodie Flowers.

It is an honor to say that our one and only Lisa LaMothe won the Woodie Flowers Award! Lisa has proven to be a key part of our team in supporting and helping us through the years. Lisa is the person you think of when you hear the words thoughtful and inclusive. Enough cannot be said about her but here’s the winning essay. Congratulations Lisa!

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