2024 Central Missouri Regional Day 2

Written By: Dylan C

Practice Day

The entirety of Thursday is considered to be used as a practice day. Once all teams were loaded into the pits, practice matches swiftly began at noon.

Match 1

Our First practice match was quite simple. On the red alliance, Talon was paired with 1706 Ratchet Rockers and 5809 The Jesubots. Cronus was quickly set up, and our operator Andy was only hit with a flying note once. The second the match began, Cronus shot a note quite slowly and managed to back away from the starting zone. After that, our robot turned over control to our drivers and managed to score two notes. In addition to this, our robot was able to shoot a note far off of the field.

The match ended next to the stage. Just like it started, our first practice match was quickly over.

Match 2 & 3

Two robots looking at the blue speaker

Our next two matches were extremely similar to each other. They both started with somewhat mild autos. After that, Cronus and our operators decided to attempt to score into the amp as we were having issues with the speed of the shot. In our second match of the day, the issue wasn’t resolved as we ended up with a park. However, with a short visit to the practice field, our team was able to fix our amp scoring. Cronus was able to shoot in 3 notes with a short amount of struggle. To top off our fixes, Cronus ended the third match with a pretty cool climb. For the second match, we were paired with 4646 and 1723. For our third match, we played with 5968 and 167.

Match 4

Our final match of the day was quite fun! We started off with 2718 and 5013. Cronus shot some notes into the speaker during the duration of the match, and on top of that, we were able to score two notes into the amp and end with a clean climb. The fourth practice match of the day was quite simple. No defense was played and scoring was kept to individual efforts.

What A Day!

Overall the practice day was full of challenges and struggles, but Talon was able to identify the majority of them. By the end of the day. Our impact presenters were able to get one more practice out, and our whole team was able to get some much-needed rest.

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