10,000 Lakes Regional: Playoff Matches 2023

Event Summary

Written By: Daniel N

Qualification Matches 8 & 9

On Saturday, at our 10,000 Lakes Regional, we played a total of 7 matches. Our first two matches were qualification matches(75 and 82). In match 75 we won 119-74, earning us 3 ranking points. In match 82 we were teamed up with 2052 KnightKrawlers(the number 1 ranked team) and we were up against 5913 Patriotics(the number 2 ranked team). We ended up winning this match as well, with a score of 136-144, setting the high score for qualification matches, and earning ourselves 4 ranking points. The end of the qualifications saw our robot in perfect condition, Talon was ready for the playoff matches.

the robot driving around on the field It holding a purple cube.


We then moved on to the playoffs where we played in 5 matches. We got picked as the 4th overall pick by our alliance captain 7068 Mechanical Masterminds. We then invited 2491 NoMythic to our alliance. With our alliance set, we went on to win the first playoff match, lose the 2nd, and win the 3rd and 4th. Unfortunately, we had a malfunction in our CAN wires that disabled us from using the arm, so we lost the 5th match 143-89.

Three drivers looking towards the field


Although we lost in the playoffs, there are still awards to look forward to. One of the members of our team, Riley LaMothe, won the Dean’s List Finalist Award. Talon also won the Excellence in Engineering Award. We had a great time this season and were excited about the next off-season.

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