Day Summary


The start of a good day comes with breakfast. While easing into the lobby of the hotel members woke up at different times. All of these times being early in the morning, Talon was ready to go by 7:30am. We quickly rushed to the DECC from our hotel as the cool Lake Superior air was present. Once we arrived the team split off into smaller groups. With pit scouting already done, the majority of the team worked their way upstairs to the stands. 

three presenters sharing smiling
Our Impact crew also woke up bright and early to get ready for our presentation. The team’s judging was the third slot of the day, so the crew had to get ready extra early. They ended their presentation perfectly they did a great job practicing and performing in from of the judges!

Qualification Matches

Qual 1

Our first qualification match was super early in the day. With a good night’s sleep, the drive team was ready to go! When the bell rang our auto started and had a slight error. Our robot failed to place a cube but managed to get out of the community. After we did that, our robot Andromeda ​​balanced itself on the charging station. The Teleop phase began with Adhi and Rahul taking control of the robot. They quickly fixed our auto’s mistake and drove the robot toward the grid to score again. After that, they dropped the cube and started to drive around trying to pick up another element on the ground. Suddenly a robot bumped into us and our elevator didn’t want to keep working. The rest of teleop had the team scoring game elements on the lower goal and engaging with our alliance partner. Match one ended with a win for Talon and a lot of cheers from our stands.

When the robot arrived back from its match we were super busy in the pits preparing the robot for the next round.

Qual 2

With some fixes and adjustments to our code, the second match quickly arrived. Both our robot and our drivers were ready. We started out our auto and it went perfectly. After that, we noticed an issue with our intake that broke the frame perimeter, so we decided to stop using it. Instead, we continued to grab cones from the human player shelf and the ground. Our drive team was able to establish dominance in the field and scored three more points before we engaged with another alliance partner. Talon won the game with 115 points, setting our record to 2-0-0.

We dropped the cone, but our robot is pretty cool!

Qual 3

The third match was very different from our first two. We started out with our great auto and managed to perform it with no fail. Teleop began and our drivers crossed the charging station and grabbed cones from the middle of the field. They continued to score effortlessly until the endgame whistle rang. When it did Talon ended its match off with yet another engaged. While we didn’t end the game with a win we still proved to the tournament that we were strong without our intake. 

Qual 4

The fourth match was full of suspense. We dropped a cube into the high goal and managed to engage in the charging station after leaving the community. Once auto-ended and teleop began our drivers took control of the robot. We tried to grab a cone from the middle of the field but the defense from the red alliance was too strong. Adhi and Rahul started to then grab cones from the human player shelf. Talon managed to complete two cycles and form a link on the top left of the grid. With the strong defense, Talon ended our game early with an engaged dock. Winning the game we were 2-2 for matches. A strong start to a fun tournament. 

our robot holding a cone unextended

Qual 5

The fifth match was the second to last one for the team. Determined to not go negative in wins the team played our hearts out. We played our auto but didn’t want to leave the community. While we managed to score a cube and get out of the community. Teleop was similar to all the other matches we played. Talon scored two cones before we had a small issue with our elevator. For whatever reason, the Roborio didn’t want to distribute power to the elevators, potentially a human input issue. We were struggling to un-extend the elevator for a short while.  We managed to score another cone and dock with another alliance partner.

Qual 6

The final match of the day was all or nothing for the team. When auto started the team was ready. Andromeda dropped its pre-loaded cargo and drove onto the charging station where it then ended auto out of the community. Through the help of our drivers, Andromeda scored three cones and engaged at the end of the match. While a very close game our alliance ended up losing by 13 points. 

Hotel Fun

By the end of the day, everyone was hungry and excited for the final three matches. Our robot had no major issues so everyone joined together in our hotel to have a delicious dinner. The team ended its day with a meeting and swimming! 9/10 pls win again…

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