2023 Build Season Day 2 (1/9/23)

Daily Summary

After yesterday’s successful prototyping, the team started its second prototype day. Today in particular the room got to see more members so, we were able to continue work on the prototypes. 

Prototypes, Research & Practice

Yesterday we started assembling a prototype that could test out compression with different types of wheels. In this open room, the team finished the prototype and started using multiple types of wheels on fallen cubes and cones. 

Two team member using a drill press.

In addition to a compression prototype. Timothy And Brody worked on an intake prototype that would be able to grab the game elements at high speeds. The entire evening was spent on prototypes and planning. Those who didn’t have an active project dedicated themselves to researching old designs by ourselves and other teams. 

Safety & Organization Meeting

The night ended with a safety and organization meeting. At said meeting, the sub-team invited every member who hadn’t signed off on any tools to learn about how to use them. The two-hour-long meeting saw members trying out our handheld and machine tools. 

The entire eight hours were spent quite well, Always busy the team was able to continue its research, and prototypes, along with a slight amount of programming. 

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