2022 Build Season Day 62 (5/1/2022)

Open-Room Updates

With our team’s mock field already set up, the team wanted to get extra drive practice. So, today was all about finetuning our limelight and trying out new movies. Our open room started fairly early as the drivers wanted as much time as possible to practice. We turned on the robot and drove around our field for some time. 

our robot on the field

After an hour of driving the team eventually stopped and had a scouting meeting to discuss strategy for our state competition. After that, the drivers were able to test out our limelight as two of our programmers were there to help out.

The entire day was a good use of time as we were able to practice a lot. The team cannot wait to use all of this practice in the state tournament this Saturday.

the robot being inspected by our drive team

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