2022 Build Season Day 34 (3/14/2022)

Day Summary

Today was not a busy day for Talon as we didn’t have many things to do. While building another robot we need a lot of new parts, so today we were waiting for new pieces to arrive. However this does not mean we did not do anything. Today the team worked on the turret and other small housekeeping tasks.


Four team members added new pieces to the robot’s turret. They also re-attached the limelight now that the turret had its mount back. Currently the turret is almost ready for future use.

A student working on the turret model.
Neel adding new pieces onto the turret.

Riley L worked on CAD-ing. He made a new cover for some gears that we are adding to the robot. As of now our 3D printer will be making the pieces in the next open-room. The team is currently waiting on new tires for the comp bots drive train. Until then we will not be working on many comp-bot stuff. We need the drive train to be built before we add new parts. 

A student working on the cad computer.
Riley working on the team’s computer.

Marketing Meeting

The marketing sub-team had their usual Monday meeting where they worked on pages relating to the team. These pages contained information relating to the team’s success over the past two years. It also contained other information that related to the team’s growth. all of this information will be on a pamphlet that we will had out at 10K.

Other News

The team did not have the busiest of days but we still got a lot done. Tomorrow the team will have one of the weekly awards meets along with the general team meeting. Even if you are busy it is recommended to come to the team meeting as we will be covering upcoming tasks and events.

If you are planning to attend our next regional tournament 10K please mark your calendars for April 7th, 8th, 9th.

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

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