Day 57 – Testing in the Commons (2/29/2020)

Authors: Ritik Mishra, Andrew Georgioff, 

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune mechanism was finished for our practice bot. This mechanism was designed to be actuated by a cylinder so the robot could remain able to go underneath the trench. Another similar copy will be fabricated for the comp bot soon. 

Above: A Cylinder actuating the wheel of fortune mechanism

Above: The mechanism on the practice robot spinning the wheel 


During driver practice today we tested our new climber deployment.The text was successful and it deployed much quicker than previous tests.

Above: A video of the climber deploying after the changes. Once the deployment is started, it reaches max height after less than a second. 

Autonomous Coding

Today, we fixed the problem where the flywheel only ran at 80% of the speed it was supposed to be running at. This allowed our flywheel to be very consistent. In our basic “shoot 3 and drive backwards” autonomous, it consistently sends balls through the inner port. 

We started working on a trench-side 6 ball auto. We need to fine tune some of the motions before it will work,  but is nearing completion.

Here are some auto vids from testing today

Quote of the day: 

Why’d you glue the robot to the floor?

Because I glued it to the floor